Product feature: User journey

Product feature: User journey

May 7, 2024

Find our latest feature live in the dashboard now: User journey.

We've been designing, building, and testing a new feature: User Journey. This lets you see a breakdown of an application and how it was executed. It allows you to see detailed information if it was successful, and if not, what went wrong and where.

Benefits of User journey

Get an overview of your user's experience.

Creating a workflow is all great and fun, but seeing a detailed report of how a user clicked through that workflow is extremely satisfying. This lets you get a detailed understanding of what the user did, and how it went. Maybe all users make a stop on one of your specific steps? Then you'll know. Getting an error when uploading a document? Now you'll know which and where.

Actionable insights

Seeing when, where, and why users might drop off lets you alter and improve your workflow. If you see any errors, you have a detailed understanding of that and can get support to improve and solve it.

Live today

We've released it, and it's up to you now to follow all your user journeys. Take a seat, grab the popcorn, and enjoy seeing the flows of your users.

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