Our Partnership with Veriff

Our Partnership with Veriff

Oct 23, 2023

Bits Technology, the powerhouse for customer and business identity needs, is excited to announce its partnership with Veriff, a global leader in identity verification technology. This partnership enables Bits Technology's customers to access Veriff's identity verification offering, allowing them to strengthen their customer onboarding workflows with additional capabilities.

Veriff’s technology can analyze more than 11,300 government-issued IDs across 230 countries and in 48 languages, offering organizations a global solution to quickly and easily convert more users, prevent fraud and comply with regulations.

By leveraging Bits Technology’s no-code platform, customers are empowered to effortlessly create fully customized onboarding experiences with flexibility across multiple verification services through a single integration. This strengthens customers' identity verification, risk management, and onboarding capabilities across various markets. 

“The last couple of years triggered a dramatic evolution within the financial services, especially in digital banking, leading to the growing need to onboard more customers securely and safely,” said Janer Gorohhov, Veriff co-founder. “We’re excited to partner with Bits Technology to bring our industry leading identity verification capabilities to ensure compliance, fight fraud and help with customer onboarding.”

“Customers love Veriff; this has become evident through numerous conversations with customers who have asked us when these services will be available through the Bits platform. Therefore, I am thrilled about our partnership with Veriff and the immediate availability for Bits customers who wish to enhance their identity verification needs with Veriff.” Said
Fredrik Eriksson, Bits Technology co-founder.

The partnership with Veriff opens doors to new geographic regions, enabling Bits Technology's customers to explore, implement, and rapidly expand new product offerings or enter new markets while enhancing trust in their onboarding workflows.

About Bits Technology:

Bits Technology is the powerhouse for customer and business identity needs. Customers can create tailored onboarding experiences, AML solutions, and access actionable data for risk assessment, fraud prevention, and compliance - all in one view.

About Veriff:

Veriff is the preferred identity verification platform partner for the world’s most innovative growth-driven organizations, including pioneers in financial services, fintech, crypto, gaming, mobility, and online marketplaces. We provide advanced technology that combines AI-powered automation with reinforced learning from human feedback, deep insights, and expertise. We are leading the digital identity revolution by delivering a proven infrastructure that enables our customers to have trust in the identities and personal attributes of their users across all the moments that matter in the customer journey. Veriff’s clients include Bolt, Deel, Monese, Starship, Super Awesome, Trustpilot, and Wise.

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