Our Partnership with Vaulter

Our Partnership with Vaulter

Nov 24, 2023

Vaulter, a Swedish fintech company that provides innovative solutions to protect travelers, has selected Bits Technology as its customer onboarding and KYB solution to drive multi-market expansion over the next few years.

Bits Technology is excited to announce its partnership with Vaulter. Vaulter's solution, Paylink, safeguards travelers from fraudulent travel service providers and canceled flights, offering instant refunds. Simultaneously, it streamlines processes for legitimate travel companies.

Precisely, their solution tackles these challenges by integrating a distinctive payment system that safeguards travelers in 80% of cases, reducing chargeback costs by 80%. Additionally, it introduces a new travel guarantee fund, providing protection for travelers in the remaining 20% of cases.

“We had the fantastic opportunity to meet with the founding team behind Vaulter during the Lighthouse Program by Mastercard. An impressive team with a laser focus on presenting solutions that solve real problems for both travelers and travel companies. We couldn't be more thrilled to partner as an enabler to address these challenges.”
- said Fredrik Eriksson, CCO and co-founder Bits Technology.

By leveraging Bits Technology’s no-code platform, Vaulter is empowered to effortlessly create fully customized onboarding experiences for their business customers with flexibility across multiple verification services, and company checks through a single integration. This strengthens Vaulter’s identity verification, risk management, and onboarding capabilities as they accelerate multi-market expansion. 

“We have extensively assessed various KYC/KYB providers for our customer onboarding needs, and without a doubt, Bits offers the most intuitive and seamless experience we've encountered. We are thrilled to collaborate with Bits Technology to provide our customers with the best possible onboarding experience while using our services,
said Robert Eirfjell, CEO and founder at Vaulter.

About Vaulter
Forget the days of unsafe transactions, with the Vaulter suite of service, you can safely pay in advance or sell products/services with the confidence of knowing that you will receive your end of the bargain safely.

About Bits Technology
Bits Technology is the powerhouse for customer and business identity needs. Customers can create tailored onboarding experiences, AML solutions, and access actionable data for risk assessment, fraud prevention, and compliance - all in one view.

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