Our Partnership with Ledyer

Our Partnership with Ledyer

Jan 23, 2024

Our Partnership with Ledyer

Ledyer, a Swedish FinTech company revolutionizing the B2B purchase experience, has chosen Bits Technology as its solution for customer onboarding and KYB to provide the best possible customer experience for the Swedish market and following expansion.

Bits Technology is excited to announce its partnership with Ledyer to enable them to automate the collection of business data (KYB) and improve the customer experience when merchants onboard their services.

Ledyer offers a complete payment solution where the end customer is any form of business, association, municipality, region, or other entity. The purchasing experience is tailored based on the type of entity placing the order. Collaborating with Ledyer gives their merchants the simplest way to boost sales by increasing order value.

“In our search for a long-term partner to assist with our growing requirements in managing business identity (KYB), Bits Technology emerged as the ideal choice. Their offering of a fully digitized and automated onboarding solution has transformed our approach, replacing manual tasks with efficiency. This advancement empowers us to focus on our core business activities, thereby enabling seamless scaling and growth.”
said Tobias Ericson, COO and co-founder at Ledyer.

By leveraging Bits Technology's workflow builder, no-code solution, and customer management reports, Ledyer is empowered to successfully onboard a multitude of customers with different legal entities, enter new markets, and strengthen their anti-money-laundering capabilities to maintain compliance - since Ledyer is a registered company with Finansinspektionen (the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority).

“We were super impressed with the entrepreneurial team at Ledyer. They deeply understand their customers' needs and have built excellent payment and checkout capabilities, which their customers can adopt quickly, securely, and tailored to their specific needs. We could not be more thrilled to partner with them and their bold ambition to scale their product offering further to multi-markets.”
said Fredrik Eriksson, CCO and co-founder at Bits Technology.

About Ledyer
Ledyer was founded in Stockholm in 2021 to provide merchants with a smooth and simple payment solution for their customers, who may be any form of business, association, government, or other entity. Together, the Ledyer team has over 50 years of experience in e-commerce and payments.

About Bits Technology
Bits Technology is the powerhouse for customer and business identity needs. Customers can create tailored onboarding experiences, AML solutions, and access actionable data for risk assessment, fraud prevention, and compliance - all in one view.

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