Our Partnership with Cool Company

Our Partnership with Cool Company

Apr 2, 2024

Cool Company, one of the leading self-employment solution providers in the Nordics, specialized in streamlining administration for agencies and contractors, such as taxes, insurance, and employment protection, has chosen Bits Technology as its key solution provider for efficient customer onboarding, customer management, and automation of Know Your Customer (KYC/B) processes.

Bits Technology is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Cool Company, aimed at delivering enhanced flexibility in onboarding workflows essential for Cool Company's multi-market operations and due diligence. This partnership aims to automate processes and elevate the customer experience for businesses and contractors adopting Cool Company’s offering.

Cool Company offers a comprehensive contractor management system tailored to meet the needs of independent professionals in various industries. With a growing user base, Cool Company empowers contractors to manage their businesses efficiently, from project management to invoicing. Its platform encompasses all the tools necessary for successful contractor endeavors.

"Selecting Bits Technology as our strategic partner aligns with our commitment to delivering seamless experiences for our expanding contractor community. With our platform serving a diverse range of professionals, we recognized the importance of a robust solution capable of accommodating various onboarding workflows across different markets" said Peter Björkman, CTO at Cool Company.

Utilizing Bits Technology's workflow builder and No-code solution, Cool Company can effectively onboard contractors across different scenarios, expedite market expansion, and gain invaluable insights into their user base. This partnership also reinforces Cool Company's commitment to risk management and compliance with anti-money laundering regulations.

"We are impressed by Cool Company's solution and their dedication to addressing the unique needs of contractors in today's market. Their platform has become the go-to choice for numerous independent professionals seeking streamlined contractor management solutions. We are excited to collaborate with Cool Company, supporting their mission to deliver outstanding user experiences for the contractor community" said Fredrik Eriksson, CCO, and co-founder at Bits Technology.

About Cool Company Cool Company is one of the leading self-employment solution providers in the Nordics. The company was established in 2009, and operates across Sweden, Norway, and the UK, offering umbrella payroll services. Cool Company specializes in streamlining administration for agencies and contractors, such as taxes, insurance, and employment protection.

About Bits Technology Bits Technology is the powerhouse for customer and business identity needs. Customers can create tailored onboarding experiences, AML solutions, and access actionable data for risk assessment, fraud prevention, and compliance - all in one view.

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